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About Us

Trisync Technologies Inc., has been in business for over 10 years. Throughout the decade that we have been around, we have seen many changes in the tech industry. With a custom focused approach we have met these changes head on to deliver quality results through ongoing training and dedication from our staff.

Trisync is an Information Technology Service and Solutions company based out of the USA. Our team is working to create IT solutions through services and software products every day. Our developers are creating new innovations for the future. It is our goal not only to provide excellent products and services as a company, but to collaborate with our clients to create value with their company, with their products and with their time. Through our IT products and strategic applications it’s possible that you can increase efficiency, find workplace solutions and use technology to improve the way you live your life and the way you do business.

With our proven track record in IT we can help you to capture the best return on investment for our development services or our polished workflow solutions software. The costs of developing your own applications or using our predeveloped products are greatly outweighed by the impact that can be had in your company. Our team has worked across infrastructure security, Enterprise business, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, and more to successfully and rapidly implement solutions that have revolutionized workflow processes. We can meet the needs of your company through rapid implementation, ongoing development and troubleshooting as well as custom products that can help you fill specific needs within your company.

Utilizing a global base of resources we can meet tight deadlines. We will combine our skills in development and user testing to help you compete in your marketplace with new application developments quickly. Our customer service oriented team of well-trained technical, diverse and experienced business developers can generate the solutions you need, today.

Need IT Solutions?


Trisync consists of highly qualified technical and administrative staff to ensure exceptional performance on all projects and contracts. Trisync provide information technology services as well as providing highly qualified technical resources for short-term and long-team needs. Trisync have an outstanding reputation in the industry, but also an impressive record of customer satisfaction and the ability to meet our client’s challenges and deadlines.


Trisync provides a wide range of information technology solutions; this means that we must strive to keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of the technology scene. Our focus on continuous training, sharing project experiences through our intranet-based Knowledge Management System and building a learning culture at IT equips our consultants, project managers and developers with in-depth knowledge of core technologies and processes. At Trisync, we have always believed in this axiom and have endeavored to acquire a strong conceptual and technical understanding of core underlying technologies that benefit our clients.


Since our inception, we have followed a deliberate growth strategy. The foundation of this strategy is an uncompromising commitment to hiring team-oriented, customer-focused professionals who deliver quality services at a favorable and competitive price. We recognize the contributions of every team member in delivering the highest quality technical services. Over the years this strategy has enabled us to develop a long list of satisfied clients, and grow into an economically viable business.

Team Work

When the need arises, Trisync can quickly organize an experienced team to augment your staff. We choose partners who embrace our same client-focused attitude, ensuring that a mix of technical skills and domain knowledge are employed to create a superior delivery team.