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Technology is all around us. It is the little mp3 player we hang across ur necks, it is the T.V, phones, microwave oven, air conditioner, water dispenser, washing machine, the many brands of cars; technology is now needed for the average running of man’s life.

Man has indeed evolved into a technological being, going where its technologies lead it. The question now is, how does a 21st century keep up with this ever changing, ever growing world of technology? How does a company keep up to date with its services and ensure beyond all means that the services provided are in no way outdated. These and many more are questions that any company wishing to maintain its relevance must ask and answer from time to time.

Needless to say, the importance of technology as a tool for continuous development cannot be overrated. It is very important for effective transaction in a market that becomes more competitive by the hour. Professionally therefore, technology and technological approaches plays important role in the product production, product delivery and or general services of a company.

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ANALYTICS AND BIG DATA - How It is Influencing All Aspects of Current Market

Why it Analytics important?
It is totally worthless, if you cannot analyze the raw data which you have to full extent. You might not want to wait for hours or even days for getting the results from that data. Here, Bigdata and Hadoop come into picture to easily analyze the data and get result. You can process the data using the high performance tool within a short period of time. You can use the other features like predictive analysis, forecasting, text mining and optimization using the analytics and Bigdata. As more and more companies are focusing towards innovation, this will help you to achieve it and also help you to make decision easy and accurate.
How big data is influencing current market?
Customer Engagement
Bigdata can help in the approach which is customer centric and helps to determine the real time potential offer to the customers. It helps the organizations to determine the need and interest of the customers and also help in marketing of business policies, regulations and objectives of organization.  It also helps organizations to leverage their call center data, customer information and transition data for determining the offers which they can provide to their customers. It also computes the propensity of customers for accepting the offer.

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