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Welcome to Trisync!

Trisync is an IT services and solutions providing company based out of the New Jersey. Our team is working to create IT solutions through services and software products every day. It is our goal not only to provide excellent products and services as a company, but to collaborate with our clients to create value with their company, with their products and with their time.

What we do

Trisync is an industry leader in providing tactical application development and integration services and solutions that deliver results. Our driving aim is to deliver innovative and robust solutions that would propel organizations to the top

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  • Our Expertise

    We help our clients get a return on their investments tenfold by utilizing only proven technological products and methodologies for each project that comes our way.

  • Time management

    With such a skilled team we are able to work under very tight deadlines. We can deliver effective services and solutions in a format that better suits your company and workflow.

  • Team Work

    Teamwork is a big element of Trisync and through our various applications and workflow services we work to create a very in sync team environment.

  • Communicate

    At Trisync, we assist companies in overcoming communication barriers that hinder their growth or hide lucrative opportunities. Our wide range of services offers holistic solutions.

Why Us

Trisync Technologies consists of highly qualified technical and administrative staff to ensure exceptional performance on all services and contracts. Trisync Technologies provide information technology services as well as providing highly qualified technical resources for short-term and long-team needs. Trisync Technologies have an outstanding reputation in the industry, but also an impressive record of client satisfaction and the ability to meet our client’s challenges and deadlines.


  • 5001 Hadley Rd,Suite 205A,
  • South Plainfield,NJ-07080
  • Phone:(908) 752-4669
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